Success: Although investors have spotted a mistake, small business stocks soared 57,000%


Shares of a small Chinese company, Zoom Technologies, which lasted less than a penny last month, rose by a thousand percentage points.

Source: B92

Photo: Thinkstock

Photo: Thinkstock

That is, investors obviously chose this small business with the technological start of Zoom Video Communications.

Beijing-based telecommunications company Zoom Technologies has surprisingly benefited from a much larger California startup, with which it shares only the first renamed of its name.

The company's stock has grown steadily since Zoom Video released the IPO in March.

Zoom Technologies did not report revenue for 2011 and has only 10 full-time employees.

However, if someone invested $ 100 in this small business on March 19, when their stock was estimated at about $ 0.005, $ 110,000 would be earned on Thursday when the company made the most of it.

Zoom Technologies fell to $ 2.70 a share late in the day but still made a big profit with its stock of less than a penny the previous month.

Meanwhile, Zoom Video shares, which allegedly attracted Microsoft's interest, have seen a significant slowdown in the stock market.

The company is now estimated at $ 15.9 billion, nearly 16 times more than its internal rating, after which the company's shares rose more than 72 percent to $ 62.


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