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American basketball is surprised by the messages it received

KK Buducnost VOLI kk red star

Photo: VOLI / Savo Prelević

Beck Stars Quey Rivers is surprised by the messages and insults sent by Stars fans during and after the game with the Future. The star lost 84:80, the American barely threw the sword, and bothered some fans, who insulted him in the social networks.

Rivers appeared on Instagram and showed what Starbase fans wrote to him.

I will never understand that someone who does not like someone has time to send a message as a fan, only supports when the team has woni. I played badly tonight, but I saved the energy for the fifth game on Monday – he wrote on Rivers' instrumet and then shared the messages that touch the stars.

After a few minutes, Rivers cleared his post, but the hackers had already saved the messages.

Printskrin: Instagram

Printskrin: Instagram

Printskrin: Instagram



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