Star vs Partizan – Changed the term of the master!


Basketball fans in Serbia are barely waiting for Saturday and decisive
the Red Star and Partizan fight for the finals of the ABA play-off
Turns on.

So far, both have been successful before their fans,
but both times were dramatic in the end, the nuances were decided.
The star received the first game after the extension with 106: 101 and Partizan
he returned to "grobers," a score of 70:67.

The atmosphere in front of the master is already slowly heated, The star is today
announced by ad
Let's see if this will end there.
this type of insinuation, but during the day there was another important

It was announced on the official ABA League website, and it is about the term
playing on Saturday.

Initially, it was planned that the master be played with
from 20:00 the following Saturday, a TV broadcast was announced
this term on the TV Arena Sport, but in the ABA league today you can
Read that the term is a deciding game in the semifinal series
between Red Star and Partizan – Saturday, 6 pm!






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