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07.05.2019. 09:13

NASA NASA has captured a photo of the galaxy NGC 2903 with a powerful Hubble telescope along with another 145 nearby

Spiral Galaxy, Photo: Printscreen: Twitter

The galaxy NGC 2903 is part of the constellation "Lion", which is about 30 million light years from Earth, and in the photo taken by "Hubble" you can see stars shining, cosmic dust and gases around the galaxy's core, posted on NASA's Web site.

The video was made as part of a spiral galaxy research to reveal the connection between black holes that are very close to the nucleus of galaxies and a group of stars located in their centers.

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The galaxies are elliptical, spiral and irregular, and it has been discovered that elliptical galaxies do not have a disk and that spiral galaxies are the brightest.

Spiral galaxies have a central part and spiral arms that make up a disk of galaxies, full of stars, cosmic dust and gases.


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