Solskjer accuses Murinja, another young star wants to leave!


Ole Gunar Solskjer has scheduled early start preparations as early as July 1
the team starts in the new season, will have six weeks

Apparently, Solskjer and Filan are appalled by the level of
they inherited the Murinas and the guilt of the Portuguese for it.

Who will come in and out, let's see, but the new information is that except
Deeja Dee wants to leave the club, does not see a positive future
and does not want to extend the contract.

Today's English media claims that Markus compares similarly
Rushford who talked to the coach before going on vacation and
He is suspicious when it comes to the club's ability to make it
Something more important in the next seasons.

Rushford has a contract until 2020, but United as in the De Hee case,
can extend it for a year, but next summer it will enter
the same problem as the goalkeeper. They are ready to give Rashford
contract until 2022 and to increase his salary almost four times, from 80
000 to 300,000 pounds per week, Solskjer sees him as the key to the team.
But the young striker refused to negotiate, let's repeat again
he is very suspicious of the club's ability to approach the leader
teams in England.

Under the pre-season plan, United will play in Australia with Perth
July 13, then with Leeds in the same city, four days later, well
July 20 against Inter in Singapore.

For the 25th, a Tottenham game in Shanghai is marked, but the problem
if Waterford wins the cup, then in that case you should have that date
go for the qualifications for LE, so of course they will cheer for the city
today in Vembli.


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