Small functions for the 15th anniversary


The first of April is not a joke, the anniversary of Gmail, which this year fills the fifteen integers. In commemoration of the anniversary of the jubilee, Google has released several minor updates. That is, Gmail users get an enhanced Smart Smart feature and the ability to schedule the sending of emails.

The Smart Compose update is a bit uncertain – an option introduced in May 2018, which gives users ways to complete sent statements in order to speed up email compilation and Google's claim that the feature can now be customized and custom tailored to the individual writing style of emails.

This means that Smart Compose should remember certain general posts in writing and, for example, always suggest the end of an email corresponding to how a particular user usually ends their messages. The update has not been fully explained and it is only known that Smart Compose now also suggests e-mail addresses based on the content of the message being addressed. The company points out that this feature has already saved many users so far, and now there's a version for the Gmail app for Android.

When scheduling e-mail in terms of functionality is a little clearer, users can now click the arrow next to the "Submit" button to get the email distribution schedule window. This allows users to choose specific templates, such as "tomorrow morning", but also the exact date and time they want the email to be sent. Emails in Gmail can be pre-programmed via external extensions, but the feature is much more efficient as it is embedded directly in the client's email.

While this is a minor update, the new features are a good reminder of why Gmail existed 15 years ago.

(The Verge)


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