Sindicato RTS: Vucic should not belittle public service employees


The Serbian TV Independence Union has warned Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic that as a citizen he may have a bad opinion about the media house but that he can not interfere with things that do not belong to his jurisdiction and that public service media officers are minimizing it.

In an open letter to Vucic, the union said it had offended the entire RTS collective, which had 2,700 employees, when it visited the website of the Clinical Center of Serbia. said he thinks RTS "certainly much worse than the opposition" and added that the leadership of the public media service is changing only by law.

"Mr. President, if you do not correspond to the current policy of our home information program, and if you believe that you are not sufficiently represented in your program, and that such editorial policy is to the detriment of the citizens of Serbia who need to know more about their activities more detailed than they discover now through the public service, this does not mean that the Information Program has long passed the border of good taste by putting news about you, "the letter says.

It is stated that RTS officials, including the Scientific, Cultural-Artistic and Entertainment Education Program, work in conditions of "programmatic and professional obstruction as well as ethics of the Information Program" and that they did not deserve to be valued by Vučić with their estimates.

"RTS officials in those programs that make a compelling majority of the programmatic content of our home contributed in the last decades, and then, during the 1990s, those houses were destroyed by the Information Program, both to save the face and honor of the profession and they own house, "writes in a letter to Vucic.

The letter states that the Union of Independence will not allow Vucic to "lose sight of his work and dignity."

"By working for the small salaries you have already reduced to your illegal regulations, on which 70 disputes are being conducted in the courts here, the employees of these three programs can maintain the call of elementary professionalism for the coming times," Vučić said in a letter.

It is added that when the rule of law arrives in Serbia and when media laws are respected, "that professionalism would finally introduce this house into a civilized period of history, for the benefit of all its citizens, not just members and sympathizers of the ruling party. "


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