SHOCKING INSPIRATION! He put my hand in a bottle and pulled it in the USA! Maria tells the detail as Yutka besieged: He took me to the office and then locked the door … | News


Marija Lukić, a victim of a total disturbance of the mayor of Brus, Milutin Jeličić Jutka, told him in detail how he disturbed him.

Let us remember, in spite of the most terrible accusations of sexual harassment, Jelicic still shines and dresses in Brussels today and continues to shine on his victims who denounced him.


All this disappointment and anger came after that time. I am not thinking only of the two years he has been harassing me for a year since I denounced him. Nothing happened, I can not believe he is still walking, without the guilt of conscience. I'm not in question, but all other women involved in criminal charges. Sheriff walks with Bruce. I did not have much hope that he would be in detention.

I met Jutka in 2015 on my father's initiative. He met him one night in the city, a small town and everyone knows each other. My father told him that I was currently unemployed to raise two small children, to be a renter and that it would be good if there were any opportunity to be working. The morning gave my father a visa card and told him that I would go to him for a meeting tomorrow at 1 pm in his office in the county.


When I entered the closet he found me so warmly … He already hugged me and literally kissed me at the end of the lip. I was thinking – that he did not mix me with anyone. Because many people come to him. There was simply no reason for him to react to my first appearance. But I ignored this …

"My father saw you last night.

"Yes, I gave you a visa card to see how I can help you."

I sat down in the second chair and sat down at the front of a large meeting table. He had some sort of notebook in which the generals wrote. Among other things, I left the phone for further contact as requested. He already offered me bad jobs. He said he needed an economist to

municipal administration, secretary of a party, in the company I need an economist …

"You think, but you have to formally join the party to get coverage if someone asks me. That's how it works.

He was then an administrator of New Serbia.

– OK no problem.


I formally decided to stack this paper. I am not politically active, ideologically it did not suit me, but it was my existence.

When he left, he caught up with me and put his hand on my buttocks.

I lowered his hand and said goodbye.

After 10 minutes of the time I left him, a message came from Jutka in which it was written – Cmok.

"President, I do not know if you made a mistake?"

– I'm waiting for you, let me know when you're at a party.

Only later did I see that there was no competition anywhere. He has all kinds of work, even when you want to be employed as a janitor.


When we meet, we go to the Cultural Center.

"Here we go along these stairs.

He is in front of me and I see that he opens the door. I thought the party was working … He unlocked the one and the other door. There was nobody.

He then locks the door.

"Why lock the door?"

"There are cars here, and as soon as they see them, a crowd of people drops me down and asks me for something.

And I accept that …

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As he completed the request, he placed my hand on my thigh.

"Do not worry, everything will be fine in terms of work. We will find a job for you. How come there is no work for such a person with such experience, such beauty?

I took his hand away from him and continued to fill. But he keeps coming to me. My nervousness has begun and I'm starting to get up to leave this entrance.

At that moment, he caught me and kissed me in his mouth.

He drew me and kissed the literal right in his mouth. I started to push him.

"The president will not do it like that. I do not want to work on the bed.

I regretted how tempered my temper had allowed me not to become hysterical.

"Sorry, I could not help it.

"Unlock the door, my husband is waiting for me.

– Alright, you just got the job you want …

Marija worked for two years as secretary of Milutin Jeličić Jutka, and during that time, he sent more than 15,000 lascivious and vulgar sms messages in which he was invited to have intimacy with him. In the messages, one can see that sex was blackmailed in order to provide him with a career advancement.

Harassment was constant, he spoke all sorts of things, sent messages. On one occasion, he kissed me in power, "said Maria.

The fact that the kiss is in force and beyond the will of a young woman also attests the message sent to him after this incident, which he later transferred to the police.

"I'm sorry I loved you today, a little violent for your desire and will." I'm not going to do this anymore, it's stupid to do it unilaterally, "Jelicic wrote.

When she could not take it anymore, she posted all the messages on Facebook.

"After that, three of your assailants interrupted me in the city, we moved into a restaurant, and they forced me to clean up the messages and write that none of this is true. I had to do this, they were terrible, "Lukic said.

Fortunately, some of the restaurant guests overheard the conversation and reported the case to the police, after which a phone call was sent to the police to make a statement. Then the case began to unfold … / Life Story / Photo: Printscreen



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