Serbian woman gifts two houses, forests, meadows and fields! You only have to do one thing! (PHOTOGRAPH)



04/01/2019. 16:42

The woman who posted the ad explained her "life-changing logic".

House, backyard

House, yard, Photo: Alo! / Masanori Joshida / Illustration

An advertisement that was based on the Zaječar bandera, and where it says literally everything in Zaječar to an apartment in Belgrade, aroused the curiosity among all who read it.

And no wonder, as it says, two houses with things in the center of Zajecar are shifting, they are on the same grounds and have a yard, for a furnished apartment, immediately empty in the center of Belgrade. In addition, the advertiser noted that for the apartment in the heart of the capital, the entire property of the village of Upper White River, which is the size of 3.5 hectares, of forests, pastures, meadows, fields and fields, is being donated.

And while many of the heart of Belgrade think only about this offer, just to escape the gungula, the frequent closure of the streets, the citizen of the eastern city of Serbia does not care about this, but this "a call that changes everything" awaits you .

In a telephone conversation, the woman who posted the ad explained her "life-changing logic."

Yes Yes. I am changing two houses and everything it says about the apartment in Belgrade. I know how much the apartments in downtown Belgrade cost, and I urgently need this property, "Zaječarka said.


Advertisement, photo: Facebook printscreen

We assumed that maybe the reason for the change was ugly, but she disapproved.

– On the contrary! The reason is very pleasant. But you're going to let me not tell you why it's a private affair. The value of everything I put in this ad that I calculated myself is equal to the value of that apartment in Belgrade. Maybe it's worth it and a little more, but that's it. I leave Zajecar forever. In fact, I hope, "said Zaječarka.


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