Serbian Police Union: We are forced to contact international institutions


The Serbian police union announced that it had received a letter from the EU Delegation to Serbia, which spoke about the "kidnapping" of representation for that union, pointing out that effective police play an important role in protecting citizens against organized crime.

According to the letter, the European Union delegation thanked us for sharing concern about the Interior Ministry's attitude to the Serbian Union of Serbia, the union said.

"We would be grateful to inform you about the future development of the situation. The European Union believes that efficient police play an important role in protecting the citizens of organized crime." Greater police effectiveness in the fight against crime is a constant challenge, with confidence in the professionalism and integrity of all police officers, including members of their union, "the letter said.

"As we are exposed to legal violence in Serbia, we are forced to address international institutions to fight for our rights and respect for the law. Serbia is in a situation where the top MUP needs to take care of law enforcement in our country , they are the first to break, "said the president of the Union of Police of Serbia, Veljko Mijailovic, the statement said.


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