Scandalous correspondence between Ana Korac and the accursed critic! She asked her to give cocaine and almost 2,000. Euro for shoes!



04/20/2019 23:04

Ana Korać is currently dealing with David Dragojević, who has broken his relationship with Aleksandar Subotic

Ana Korać

Ana Korac, Photo: Instagram

Lots of information about Ana's life before joining The White House appeared in the media, but this was particularly shocking.

A few months before entering Cooperative 2, Ana Korac (24) was in a case of love in love with the former zeal of the controversial businessman Dragoslav Kosmajac, Djordje Zafirović Zafir (37), which is confirmed by the correspondences that caught the attention of Rijaliti.

Zafirovic is a supposedly hacked message in which it is clearly seen that Koraćeva uses emoticons and uses slang from this furious guy to give him narcotics, but also lends money in order to be able to buy expensive shoes, according to the "world".

Ana: Heart, that you do not have one, you know what I mean.

Zafirović: I have much more love.

Ana: I need a "perfume".

Zafirović: At where? Do you want me to get you?

After this correspondence, Ana asks Zafirovic where she left the drugs.

Ana Korać

Ana Korac, Photo: Screenshoot Instagram

Ana: From which side to the restaurant, door or there? What did he leave?

Zafirović: In a transparent bag.

So Koraceva says he did not take narcotics because the man who was supposed to bring her to her does not answer the phone.

Ana: Heart, makeup, I can not talk now. I do not have this character.

Zafirović: On the white pillar in front of the restaurant. It is among the whitish buildings. Audi A8 black.

In the continuation of the correspondence, it turns out that Ana also asked for money for a loan from Zafirovic, supposedly for expensive shoes.

Ana Korać

Ana Korac, Photo: Screenshoot Instagram

Ana: Heart, are you in a block here? You need something, do you have any money? I need to pay something, I have a show tonight, so I'll send you back tomorrow when I get up. Come on, then we're seeing.

Zafirović: I am not, my heart, but I will organize you. When do you want to send someone and how much to bring?

Korac does not feel lucky to get the money.

Ana: And top. Some sticks would take now. They cost 1,950 euros. I need it tonight. See you tomorrow. Someone can get me now and thank you.

Zafirović: I'm writing to you soon. Men are loaned and given to women.

Zafirovic supposedly left Koracev when he realized she was only seeing him with benefits.

Ana Korać

Ana Korac, Photo: Screenshoot Instagram

Although it seemed that love was blossoming between them, Zafirović realized that Anna was a sponsor. Djordje left Koracka because she had incredible laughs, which were crumbling, although she tried to satisfy all her wishes. She was angry and threw it. After telling her that he had reached the end of the relationship, she fell into depression. After a while, she called him and asked him to give her cocaine, but he just told her to delete the number.

Djordje Zafirović once allegedly confirmed the authenticity of the correspondence to which this portal arrived and said that his phone was hacked:

It is true! Someone came in possession of my correspondence. Anu does not want to comment – Zafirović said in a brief conversation, writes "The World".


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