Friday , October 22 2021

RTS :: Popovič na torti


A wider list of players on behalf of Greg Popovich for preparations in Las Vegas is known in early August.

The list includes Harrison Barnes of Sacramento, Bradley Beale of Washington, Anthony Davis of New Orleans, Andre Dramond of Detroit, Eric Gordon of Houston, James Harden of Houston, Tobias Heris of Philadelphia, Demien Lilard of Portland, , Kevin Lav (Cleveland), Kyle Laurie (Toronto), Jake McLaren (Portland), Chris Millton (Milwaukee), Michael Tarner (Indiana) and Kemba Walker (Charlotte).

The list was added by Kyle Kuzma (LA Lakers), Bruce Lopez (Milwaukee), Paul Milsap (Denver), Donovan Mitchell (Utah), Jason Taytum (Boston) and Pi Jake Tucker (Houston).

Harden, Davis and Leo have Olympic and world gold, Barns and Laurie only Olympics, while Gordon and Dramond won the world champion title.

The Americans will be very strong and the end of the line – the first coach is Greg Popovich, and will be aided by Steve Kerr, Lloyd Pierce (Atlanta) and Jay Wright (Vilanova University).

"I'm thrilled with the preparation in Las Vegas, we have a great connection – seasoned veterans and versatile young players. I appreciate the commitment of all players and the desire of newcomers to join in. It will be extremely difficult to pick 12 players, but I am eager to work with everyone, "he said. Popovich.

The United States is considered Mundoscet's top favorites in China, especially as they have won 88 of 89 games since 2006.

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