RTS :: Johnny Štulić den Šerbedžija


"This story of Sherbedzija is lying darkly." Johnny never called him to tour Zagreb, nor made a song, nor were they ever friends, just the opposite, he again, in his own desire, traveled with his Mercedes to be with him wonderful he silently, however, he used this invitation to to get rid of this poem and insert it into his play, of course, of course, to conceal it, then to bring it down, and now it is for these repugnant lies that justify the very reason for its evil existence.

Explanation of g. Stupid!

"I am the song" I do not grow sweet of you "in early September in Zagreb, Zagreb, TV Youth – which show was confirmed for Tyube. At that time I spent only a week in Zagreb, and this is my only visit Jugi that year.

I did not meet Sherbedzija then. The next year, in 1990, I spent ten months in the South playing, and then I met him twice.

Once Paed (in the passage) takes me to a place where he is (probably by appointment), which he found for the movie, but I quickly left and went.

For the second time, when he was at dinner, he expressed his desire to travel with me in his car (and he just passed me to cover the last story because he meant everything before saving the perfect crime), and this is the only truth he's talking about.

"Balegari", in which this song is located, came out in late June '90. (I think it has been used ever since, because its performance was officially performed from 05/15/90 to 04/26/91, however , if he used the song before then, so I do not know how the record was recorded, unless he did not use this TV video), in any case, I did not know about this program until five or six years ago when he published this story in public.

I've never been his friend, and I've never called him in my life (he's, of course, he's probably the best description in his book), so knowing full well that he would never be allowed to use it, he introduces, Otherwise, simply inventing the whole story, in addition to further blurring, he then films it, and now, beyond the many years of performance (and other of my songs too), he is also touring under the name and alienated. and the despised songs work (in which he makes the singing career).

Here is the 28th anniversary of this intrigue and how it is knitting (more and more).

So this is the Croatian celebration, and here a Georgian from Bosnia who is sent to a Serb to fly to Brioni. "


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