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The fifth episode of the series "Roots" brings new victims in the little Prerov. Achim Katic calls the peasants of the rebellion.

In this conflict between the army and the peasants, the leader and the mayor, Aci is taken into custody. Later, Tole joined him later, saying that he would follow him "even to the world."

We remember the last episode that Djordje had drunk for days in the tavern, and for him, right at the coffee table, and he gets information that his family is in trouble.

He arrives at Prerovo, a drunk, and Simka, to save his life, hides him in the attic of the stable.

Still pulls the thicker end. He receives beatings of rustic villagers, whom the army has already taken or killed for husbands, brothers, parents …

The scene as the villagers vanquish villages, it seems very problematic … Nikola manages to defend it from them, but not from George, who orders him to "disappear from his property until the evening," although he somehow saved his head.

From embarrassment, drunk, he lost the attack on the village and allowed his father to be taken into custody, Djordje flew to Belgrade.

Remember the MONDO series in the series


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