Psychology teacher discovered: Ask yourself this question and all the doors will be open to you


"I have and can" is much healthier than "I do not know and I can not", and a "thank you" makes a living for your life and you never forget it.

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Photo: depositphotos / Syda_Productions

Photo: depositphotos / Syda_Productions

In today's world, we often focus on what we miss, and so we remain stuck in the area of ​​"I do not know and I can not."

"Thanksgiving was recognized in antiquity when it was considered as virtue," says psychology professor Iva Maksimovi, adding: "People's antics were right when they proclaimed gratitude as a virtue, and neurology also confirms the results of Yes, when we want to feel good, the most important question we need to ask ourselves is, "Can I be grateful to him today?" says Fazon.

They say they ask themselves, "Can I be grateful to him today?" We encourage our brains to seek out positive experiences. "The release of this positive research leads to the wound's hormones, which makes them feel good, regardless of the outcome of the observation. In addition, if the search ends with a feeling of gratitude, the hormone is burned in the brain by another hormone that gives us the power and energy level.These two hormones have a number of benefits in our psyche, and so in our health, "says Prof. Maksimovi.

He says that when we are young, we are well versed and with enough energy, we also feel a sense of self-confidence, so we will be able to deal with the challenges of life. In addition, fewer situations are perceived as stressful, and this will positively affect immunity.

"If you ask yourself this annoying question before bed, you will automatically reduce the amount of care that is one of the main culprits, so we can not sleep. You get a dose of hormones that will make it easier to sleep," explains Iva Maksimovi.

It describes gratitude as a positive feeling spontaneously experienced by other people who help us reach good words for ourselves in situations where we feel that non-monks themselves can be considered a problem.

"In recent times, gratitude has become a focus of research in psychology, where its psychological effects are studied both on our own and in our relationships with other people. However, we are grateful not only to others but also to living conditions, depending on the belief, God, the universe or the cases that occurred in our favor, "says the psychologist.

He adds that, unlike, for example, fear, which belongs to basic emotions, gratitude is a complex emotion, which means that the mixture is of two or more basic emotions (eg sree and relief).

In addition, it is significantly influenced by our thinking when it is intentionally challenged to think of all the wonderful people and things that are part of our lives and cry out for all the beautiful things we have experienced.

"A sense of gratitude will be positively reflected not only in ourselves but also in our relationships with other people. When you point to another human being that you noticed your good intentions with a simple thank you, you and yourself fill you with mutual trust hormone , which will also make positive changes, "said Maksimovieva.

She also adds that by expressing gratitude to another man, you also begin to appreciate her in your relationship and thus create an arrogant circle around you that awakens you from conflicts and disagreements, concludes the psychologist.

Day of Thanksgiving

Before bedtime, write down all that you are grateful for on that day, because you will be doubly filled with gratitude (medium and written rejuvenation), and it will come to you well in those days when you will not have to be grateful. "I have and I can" is more healing than "I can not and I can not".

In today's world, we often focus on what we miss, and so we remain stuck in the "I do not know and I can not" area.

That is why it is important to breathe daily and remember for a moment all that we have, and enter the area "I have and can," Maksimoviev said.

Improve to the fiercest day

Remember that the process of thinking about it is a stimulant grateful to the hormone sree hormone, even when you are experiencing one of those days that you forget to forget.

Every day is an opportunity. Once you have recovered and experienced all the benefits of gratitude, let each new day be a new opportunity for you and others to swallow the thanks. It's worth saying thank you … Talk to the other person out loud, clear and simple, thanking you for your gratitude and ego, advises Maksimoviev.

"Thank you" is shown all over the body

Express gratitude with all your body and voice to truly "thank" for the happiness of you and the other man. Talk to people around you. Notice others approaching you with a positive intention, be they vintage, who complimented your present appearance, or a stranger who smiled at you and locked the door to leave the room.


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