Preaching whining – a reflection of masochism? VIDEO


Preaching is a nasty habit in children, and according to some figures, up to 60% of children in childhood are a reflection of masochism because of the emotional problem and the inability to get rid of the urge for themselves, said pediatrician Biljana Lui.

Source: B92

Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Photo: Koldunova_Anna / Depositphotos

Sometimes nibbling is nauseating adults and a habit that passes by itself for a limited time. However, if a child is tired of acting and influenced by health – nails are brittle, claw-cut, nail redness, infection …

In the TV show "First," Lui said it was necessary to watch over the child and see when it works, to support it and in no way to criticize it. If the problem persists for several months, contact a psychologist.

If children chew on their nails, they will be permanently depleted. Taking a child to a manicure can help. Our experiences show that it encourages girls to stop nails, and we also had a boy we put on the nail and helped her keep her nails upside down, said makeup artist Rajko Sekuli.

She pointed out that in babies and small children it is very good to seal the nail properly so that infections, certain infections and bacteriological processes do not occur. In baby's teeth, the nails are cut into rounded scissors, cut straight, only slightly rounded at the edges. For two, two and a half years, children can sniff their nails with chips and limes, as the use of scissors can lead to nail cracks, she added.

If you are perspiring, always recommend the olive oil. It gets a bit hot and puts towels on it. The cracked cuticles should not be treated with alcohol, they should put hydrogen or octenisept and flogocite. That proved to be a good word, she said.


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