Poelo is a pizza to distribute cars without a driver


Nuro startup joined the Domino pizzeria chain to start hitting horses with cars until the end of the year in Houston.

Photo: Nuro promo

Photo: Nuro promo

Nuro, which produces small, stand-alone vehicles, has already launched a service to deliver live food to customers in Scottsdale, Arizona earlier this year, and soon these four-wheeled vehicles also drive in Texas. The standalone R1, half the size of a compact mid-size passenger car, delivers Domino pizza to customers at this Houston pizzeria chain.

Nuro vehicles are completely autonomous, but at this stage the company uses a smoky vehicle with a technician who monitors the smell and delivery. So far, the company has produced the first copies of a robotic R1 car and plans to build a series of vehicles, in addition to an improved R2 model, receiving new investments of about one billion dollars announced by SoftBank.

Inae, this is not the first time Domino's attempts to fill the delivery of pizzas with unmanned vehicles since the slick pilot program was conducted in cooperation with Ford in 2017. The Start of Nuro was founded by two engineers who previously worked for the Gugl company on self-propelled cars, and in early 2019 they secured SoftBank's investment worth almost a billion dollars.


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