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Today, multi-camera phones have become the norm of mobile photography. Optical zoom, blurring the background, better focusing the image, Expand staff or simply better photographic quality in cell phones, which are limited by space, is achieved by the second, third or fourth consecutive camera, with the main.

Although the number of cameras increases its base – the way it does – it does not change. Cameras for cell phones are made in a traditional and determined way, and are optimized to fit in the body of the cell phone. This fact affects the limited focal length, ie the distance between the camera sensor and the lens, which, as a result, has the fact that most mobile cameras do not have the capability optical zoom above 2x or 3x.

A new type of mobile camera is called periscope camera and improves the situation a little thanks to the feature that breaks the light at a 90 degree angle. This camera system distributes light by the length of the phone, not by thickness, which means that the phones can get improved optics without increasing the thickness of the device. Besides that, prism, which is part of a periscope camera and light shifts at right angles allow the use of optical stabilization, which is very important when shooting at night and during video recording.

Thanks to this feature, the new camera can have a focal length of 160mm, which some phone manufacturers advertise as a 10x optical zoom feature.

Periscope cameras are not a complete novelty, because they are already being used in various models of "shoot and paint"These cameras keep the optics inside the camera and do not go out, which contributes to the durability of the camera.

The important thing is that we will witness the revolution announced in mobile photography at the premiere Huawei P30 Pro Cell Phone, which will be the first commercially available phone with a new type of periscope camera capable of at least 6x optical zoom, incredibly high quality night shots and significantly improved video recording.

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MONDO Mobit is already in Paris, we are preparing a premiere show Huawei P30 I Huawei P30 Pro phone, which you will find in detail tomorrow at 2:00 p.m. Be with us, we promise you will have the opportunity to discover everything that is interested in new phones, which Huawei considers to be revolutionaries and the best of all time.

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