Sunday , October 24 2021

People who are aging?


Snoring is certainly one of the worst things that can disturb a quiet dream of a stranger. However, in addition to the unpleasant noise, snoring may be to blame for the acceleration of the aging of the hurricane, according to a study by American scientists.

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Study published in the journal To sleep shows that a sleep disorder, such as apnea, can accelerate aging.

Snoring is one of the common indicators of health problems, reports the portal MSN. According to some estimates, in the United States, almost 30 million adults suffer from obstructive apneic syndrome. The study showed that respiratory distress can "stink" the hull body in 215 days.

"The old age of people does not have to match their chronological age," said Xiao Li, a Boston study and public health nurse.

"These data provide biologic evidence of the occurrence of negative physiological and health effects if sleep disturbance is not present.

For the purposes of the study, Nauns analyzed the health status of 622 adults, their sleep and DNA methylation. The results showed that one of them is more prone to biolocel aging than men if they suffer from sleep disorders. However, the study authors point out that, in that sense, further study is needed.

"It is often thought that one is less exposed to health problems associated with snoring, but our study produced different results," Li says.

Naunici suggests that further research is needed to determine whether the sleep-burning disorder can reduce epigenetically accelerated aging.

Respiratory disorders, so far, are usually not diagnosed, nor are they.

If science, however, determines how the sleep disorder affects old age, it can focus on discovering interventions that can help make people's lives grow.

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