Opposition continues to boycott, Vucic tells them that there are no more important issues in Kosovo


Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic says there are currently no major issues in Kosovo and he does not understand why the opposition party will not attend the Serbian Assembly session where he will talk about Kosovo and Metohija. "REM and Bujosevic are no less important to me than Kosovo," Vucic said.

"As for the National Assembly session, therefore, I will be present at this session as President of Serbia, it will be the Prime Minister, the President of the National Assembly, the Director of the Office for Kosovo," said Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Except who will come, the President is equally important and who will not come. His decision to talk about Kosovo after seven years in the Assembly did not lead some of the opposition to end the parliamentary boycott. For the reasons of the opposition, the president has no understanding.

"And what and where do you think you are talking to if you do not talk to the highest representatives of the state about Kosovo and Metohija, and perhaps with the highest representatives of the state, you want to talk about REM and about Bujosevic. Kosovo and Metohija are not for me, for me, parliament is a very important place, for them, it must be absolutely the most important place, and of Kosovo and Metohija in this trunk we have no more important subject, "he believes Vucic.

Free media and fair elections, these are issues that can be discussed in parliament, says Dveri leader Bosko Obradovic, and when it comes to the Kosovo session, he says that "no one who considers himself an opposition" will come to that session.

"Everything says this is another rikal show by Aleksandar Vucic and that is another farce that humiliates parliament, as is the case in the last seven years of the current government. Never before has Kosovo and Metohija been on the agenda of the Assembly "Now when the opposition is out of parliament, when we boycotted the work of the assembly because of the huge political crisis in Serbia, the president of Serbia recalled that many important laws come to the daily work and also the session on Kosovo," said Bosko Obradovic.

The president of Serbia will almost certainly not hear a new plan for Kosovo, believes journalist Ranko Pivljanin and concludes that the session will be a set of general cities.

"At least it's not a problem for him to appear in the Assembly to talk. He's going to talk about the hall, maybe who knows what to say." If there was a solution, there was a proposal that I would have said, "said Pivljanin.

The president, he says, is ready to speak as much as he should and states that he proposed to the President of the Assembly that the session should last as long as possible.


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