Saturday , October 23 2021

Operating system HongMeng Huawei phones already in use, the Milion Huawei HongMeng phone


Huawei has already delivered a large number of phones with its operating system, but one thing has not been clarified.

Huawei he has his own HongMeng operating system, which has already been shipped to one million devices, which the company has already produced, the analytical company announced Rosenblatt titles. GSMArena states that the HongMeng OS is present, but it is not clear whether these devices are engineering, ie test specimens or they can already be purchased somewhere. Considering that there are about a million devices, we do not think it's just about testing, but the Chinese giant does not comment on anything yet.

According to the company's analysis report Huawei HongMeng is compatible with all Android applications and has, as transmit GSMArena security in order to protect the user's personal data.

The China Daily she announced again Richard JuDirector of Huawei said in a WeChat public report that HongMeng will be ready by the spring of spring and can be used in televisions, tablets, telephones, transport devices (clocks, exercise equipment), in cars, but on computers, as on all devices that need an operating system. This is confirmed by the registration of HongMeng name, for which the company has already received green light in Canada, Mexico, South Korea, many Asian and European countries …

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For now, that's all we found out about HongMeng OS, and we remember a story a few weeks ago when we discovered that HongMeng could be – Ark OS.

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