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The so-called "White Collection" of Porsche cars which is located in a secret location due to its contents as well as the complete interior design seems completely unreal.

Porsche fans, but also all true car enthusiasts, would probably be speechless in front of one of these scenes – not just in one place, there is a large collection of models from all eras of this German manufacturer, but almost all of the 65 cars are painted white.

To complete the experience, the entire interior of the building in which the vehicles are located is also white.

The owner of the collection wanted to remain anonymous, and neither did the location of the facility where these specific Porschei were kept, except that they are probably in the United States.

As for the exhibits, there are cars of all generations and dominated by the 911. Among the main attractions are the white Porsche 959, the hyper car 918 Spyder, the Carrera GT and some Porsche 356.

Not just cars that make the "White Collection" specific. In the spart of this facility are various historical objects that have to do with Porsche as well as original car documentation.

Under museum conditions, original promotional posters are kept, as well as various accessories such as clothes or suitcases bearing the Porsche logo, and there is also a library with books on Porsche.

The collection even includes Porsche bikes.


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