Novi Sad: Winter services ready for blizzards


"Our company is richer by another multifunctional vehicle and a smaller hand playing snow, functional for small narrow bands," added Jankov, pointing out that they are ready for an efficient operation in case of time.

winter service

The PUC Road is ready for winter, said the company's winter service chief, Gojko Etinski.

"From yesterday morning, we introduced 24 hours on duty. On a day off with two vehicles, it is a zero level that is set in this period, but last night we introduced 9 vehicles that are ready," noted Etinski.

As he said snow should be snowing tonight, 27 teams will be set up at night and ready, with 9 vehicles and 3 stand-alone vehicles, as subcontractor vehicles.

Motorists alerted the roads to wet roads, advised them not to hurry and added that farmers did not go to the fields in anticipation of more favorable conditions for farming.

He also warned about the mud that farmers can apply on roads that make them even more slippery.


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