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NOVAK PERFECTION: Djokovic declares Anderson and went to the finals! | Sneakers

J. Jevremovic |

November 17, 2018 22:31> 23:33 |

The best tennis player of all in the two semifinals was easy and convincingly defeated South African – 6: 2, 6: 2. For the sixth title of the final master against Zverev

The FINAL tournament in London began with the impression that the first favorite should be awarded immediately and the other players sent on holiday. And Kevin Anderson thought of the Maldivians tonight after Djokovic's first break because all the fights in the semifinals were futile, with a view of statistics. Novak constantly had a better service than the two meters on the other side of the net, which is a more restricted specialty. In the final score of 6: 2, 6: 2 on the scoreboard should be 6: 4 in the ac …

Aleksander Zverev has already played this game with the best ritnerer on the planet masquerading as the dominant server this week, and on Sunday (19.00) he will have to be better in the big finals than in the victory over Federer (7: 5, 7: 6) chance to avoid another (convincing) defeat by a Serb in London.

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If the great triumph over Roger gave him wings or took out the last atoms of strength, Novak will try to examine already in the introductory battles for the sixth trophy in this tournament. So far the record holder is currently in Switzerland, and the Serbian tennis player does not miss the opportunity to remain in the tennis reads that he is equal to or better than the greatest rival.

Six months ago he began to rebuild the character of that unbeaten tennis player, and the expression of a person from whom it is possible to read only joy for the triumph and want to keep new titles in the last match of the season.

– Many players have arrived tired to London, and this tournament is one of the most important. We're trying to figure out what's left in us and fight to the end – Djokovic pointed out, and he only gets by the hand.

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Traits of a difficult road from a series of defeats in the first part of the season to a spectacular return to another, are not seen in his face. Not at behend, forhend, service, volleyball …

– In the semifinal I played the best match this week. This party came at the right time. Kevin showed great tennis this week, but my immediate break immediately made the difference. Your first service obviously did not work, it's not unusual for you to have more aces than Anderson – Djokovic's statistics surprised him.

Before the finals with a young German star, in which even the Germans no longer have much hope, our ace is cautious.

– It is not a common case that you meet twice with the same player in a single tournament. I played well in the group stage, but he was far from his level. He lifted the form against Federer was great. But my approach will be the same as in previous games.

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The impression is that Novak can stop this season only at the end of the season.

1. R. Federer 6
2. N. Djokovic 5
2. P. Sampras 5
2. I. Lendl 5
5. I. Nastase 4

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