NO PHOTOSHOP AND WITHOUT THE SILIKON Photo Nede Stradent has released a large number of comments


Neda UkradenPhoto: RAS Serbia

Neda Ukraden still collects praise at the expense of her physical appearance and face to those who can not do anything for a year, which is not surprising when one knows that she was once one of the most beautiful female singers in Yugoslavia.

Photo: RAS Serbia

Neda Ukraden recalled the social network at the time, and she published a photo of her four-year-old daughter who charmed her fans.

Photo: Rajko Ristic / RAS Serbia

"Yes, 40 years earlier, London, Oxford Street, and now! No filter, no photoshop, no silicone, no fake eyelashes, no upgraded hair and artificial faces! That's what it is, "said the singer.

"It's the same," added Ukradenova, "while she's about to post it and tell her how."

Photo: Instagram

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