NEW INDICATION AGAINST ZORAN MARJANOVIĆ: For the third time accused of killing Jelena in a submissive and cruel manner | Black Chronicle


NEW INDICATION AGAINST ZORAN MARJANOVIĆ: For the third time accused of killing Jelena insidiously and cruelly

Photo: Private Archives, Nebojša Mandić

For the third time, several prosecutors in Belgrade filed an indictment against Zoran Marjanovic, who is accused of the murder of his wife Jelena.

The court ordered it to be determined whose DNA was found in a scratch in Marjanovic's hand and from which traces of Jelena's blood were found in the Mercedes she had driven.

The prosecution remained essentially the same, based on previously collected evidence, and additional expertise was included in it.

The indictment says that Zoran's husband killed Jelena in a cruel and moderate manner, probably with a metal barrel, while his daughter Jana was nearby.

photo: Private Archives, Vladimir Šporčić

If Zoran Marjanovic was found guilty, he was threatened with 40 years in prison.

The decision of the High Court was taken in accordance with the decision of the Court of Appeal in Belgrade, which 15 days earlier abolished the decision of the High Court to uphold the charge for substantial violations of the provisions of the criminal procedure and because of the lack of sufficient evidence that corroborate the charge. According to the position of the Court of Appeal, the prosecution did not provide a sufficient and clear set of facts – which indicate that "reasonable doubt" that Marjanovic had committed a crime in the manner in which he was charged – has turned into a "phase of doubt reasonable".

Therefore, the prosecution must collect a lot of evidence at the end of the investigation and remove the legal defects of the prosecution if it wishes to keep it in force. The prosecution accuses Marjanovic on charges of serious crimes. He was released on June 12, 2018, after the Court of Appeal had terminated his detention on that day, where he was 10 months old.




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