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While Suzana answered the question, the two were passionate

Luna and Marko

Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

While watching the photos, while Suzana Perovic answered the question of Milan's leader Milosevic, Luna Djogani and Marko Miljkovic conducted a perverse conversation, which the cameras recorded.

As they had all the mistakes all the time, as the rules demanded, and that they were at the table to which the classmates were gathered, everything was clearly heard.

"I do not want to go to me" – said Marko Luni first, when they seduced seductively.

I love you and I want you "Luna," he replied.

– Take off your pants, come on. He stood there in the corner, "she added, as she smiled.

Luna Marko, Suzana Perović

Luna and Marko lead a cheeky conversation while Suzana answers the question / Printskrin: TV Pink

Here now Laughter laughed and whispered to him seductively.

"There, in the same vase, under the lamp …" Marko told her.

Imagine, really … Luna said sadly, then kissed.

Finally, take a look at your hot talk:



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