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Nebojša Tubić Žabac, widely known as former boyfriend Goca Bozinovska and a good friend Željko Ražnatović Arkan, told how he owed Ljubiša Buhu Čumet to be killed but also discovered numerous secrets from the Serbian and former Yugoslav underworld for DM 500,000.

The guest of "Interview" on the Balna Info channel was Nebojša Tubić Žabac, a legend of the nineties and Don Juan of Belgrade asphalt. He had many beauties, and only a few of his girls were Ksenija Pajin, Sandra Meljičenko, Doris Dragovic, Goca Bozinovska … He was already known in ancient Yugoslavia as the man who holds the best nightclubs in the whole country. Kum Joce Amsterdama, another Zeljko Raznatovic Arkan and Milorad Ulemek … Here's what he said:


Five stamps were the entrance to my club that I kept in Croatia in the nineties. Five seals and five branded drinks. Well, she sees you now. It was a couple of jackpots. As Bruce Lee was my favorite character, the security guards in front of the club were with nuns and garbage guards.

I opened it after another club across the harbor. And there was Ante Markovic while the prime minister went to the yacht. And then come with me for breakfast. I met your daughter Sandra. And then we have so few experiences exchanged, she and me.


On a record I met Doris Dragović. I met Drazen Petrovic with her.

She had problems with a water polo, so I was her shoulder to cry on. After me, Arkan missed – What you go there all the time, you're not cool with our sea? And he liked Doris. When he found out about her, he said to me, "And now I know what you're doing down there." And when they met and she went into it.

I'm letting her go Arkan. He told me that he had the best sex with Doris Dragović. They were hiding from the wife of then Arkan, Natalia.


It was already a bunch of pretty girls. There was also a girl named Masleša from Sibenik. Now what is interesting about it – the architect Josip Radeljak who was with Boba Loncar. She was the worst woman in Yugoslavia. He married his son Leon. After a while, Josip fell in love with actress Enu Begovic and left Beba Loncar in Italy.

Ena Begovic
Ena Begovic photo: Youtube printscreen

Radeljak had to finish something in Split one day. And he comes to the car, his son and Ena Begovic. I do not know who he was driving them. And the one who drove was tired and decided to replace him. They got out of the car, but what he was driving did not pull the car and set the car down. This is how Ena Begovic died.

Why did I mention that Maslache … After Jan and he was with her. He was laughing with her. I was in love with her, but there was no way I could go to her. Later, I heard that this Maslasha died, flew under a truck.

It was at this casino that Lepa Lukic, Saban Saulic came … Do you know what Saban does? Shaban takes the rods, as it goes to the fishing, so that Goca will not catch it. Then he went to the casino.


Darko Ashanin worked for DB. He was a bahat. Ashanin began working with cigars and interfered in the affairs of the state. He had a little boat, but he got on the water bus. And I got into those jobs and got a tip to stop it all. But he did not want to.

And they killed him with a sniper. He shot a real shot in the forehead. I know the state did that. Fuck, he did not want to hear.


I did not know him, but I'm Danica Draskovic. She is from the Boskovic tribe of Montenegro. She had the strongest links there. And lots of money, and now she accepts. She repaired the Ceca when she had these problems with her will. That all Danica broke up with her.

Vuk Draskovic
Vuk Draskovic photo: Stefan Kojić


Arkan gave Michael 30.00 marks to buy an apartment. The little boy is packing and poking all the money. I did not sleep two nights, and he called me to tell him Arkan. He'll kill me if he finds out I'm gone. I do not know how to say now.

But you can not fool the Arkan. I suggest that Mihail marry because Arkan will be the easiest to free his money.

Mihailo found a girl. Arkan called me to be Michael's godfather. The girl was pregnant. After a few weeks, I was called urgently by Arkan and we met and he tells me – There is nothing of the marriage. The child is not Mihailo. I discovered everything. The child was made by Mihail's uncle, Natalia's brother.


Marko was the mosaic of a mother. When Maria Milošević opened "TV Kosava", Mira Marković gave an interview. When on TV, Mirin was climbing. Get out of that cameraman you got, because she does not have a climber.

Then both Mira and Mary wanted to go to surgery to get the blowers out. And Marko was a little mannequin. He came to Mira for a day and said he wanted to be operative and brought a photo for him to look at. And in the photo was Enrike Inglesias.

I gave Mark Milosevic driving my lamborghini. Milosevic called me not to give him any more cars. He is said enough to be stressed that Marko drives races.

Marko Milošević
Marko Milošević photo: Profimedia


The Maya Women's Legion constantly calls me, she is now in Canada. She is a very beautiful woman.

Legion was a guy until he got into the drug and until he felt the money. He loved lots of money. Just to be silent, but the devil did not give him peace.

Legião liked the Ramstein group. He comes to the cafe and then tosses a CD and they have to listen. And then he tells the waiter – he puts the basses, sharpens the sound. And at one point he pulled out a pistol and shot the speakers.

In Stupica, Sergei Trifunovic became indignant with some from there and then one hit him. And Sergei came to Legia to hack that his slap was fired. The Legion comes, heads the table, picks up the gun and starts firing. Get out of the emergency room, Legija takes the gun to the policeman and shoots him on the leg.

Legija and Dusan Spasojevic offered me 500.00 marks to lure Chumet to me to kill him.

– You are normal? I will not lure my friend to kill you. You drove Chumet to fuel and now you want to kill him.

Duce was Chumet's tramp. I refused them in the end. I did not want to sell Chum for 500,000.

Otherwise, Dusan Spasojevic and Mile Lukovic were the masters of life and death in Belgrade.

Milorad Ulemek Legija
Milorad Ulemek Legija photo: Profimedia


I was between two fires – between Ivana Berendika and Sandra Meljninchenko.

With Andrej Meljninchenko, Cindy should have gone to the meeting, but she got sick and Sandra went. Cindy was the best fish out there, and Sandra was not the first.

Sandra Meljnichenko
Sandra Meljnichenko photo: Profimedia


In Thailand, we were together, Deki Savicevic, Dusko Saric and actor Dragan Marinkovic Maca. The cat was there to do phases.

We fucked, we played football, volleyball …

Darko Šarić receives a son and Duško says – Let's celebrate. Let's go to a disco in Phuket. Dude, make the best money … I think he spent 150,000 euros.

And I taught Dei to drive the engine. He learned to drive that gasoline engine, and when he got it, he was falling out of speed. I was so sorry for him. Deki is a very positive character.

Sinisa Mihajlovic was here this year. Let Savicevic sent a helicopter to go to Zlatibor to bake. And to his kiss the pound of bread.

Dejan Savicevic
Dejan Savicevic photo: Dragan Kadić


They were fascinated by Luis Figo, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Inzagi brothers, Mancini, Peja Mijatovic …

Then Marko Miskovic and Vica Petrovic came.

I had a Backi Jark model. She was in Milan and there she was going out with Nicole Richie. I could not believe she was dating Naomi Campbell. She showed me the photos.

Before going to Milan, she was with me. And she slept with whom I said. She was sleeping with Sinisa … She was abnormally beautiful. And I call her to come, when Figo saw that he did not know where he was left. Vita closed them in the bedroom. And she went out Figa. Mali Marko Miskovic when he saw it and when he learned that Naomi's friend asked him how much it cost.

And he went with her to the bedroom and left after 20 minutes, and crazy Vica gave him a hand and said, "To congratulate you, you're now a godfather with Fig. Did you have any love with her?" Marko says – I did.Well, she just smoked Figu, you were now kissing her – and now you're the godfather.

Siniša Mihajlović
Siniša Mihajlović photo: Given Đilas


I've been to Igalo with Milo Djukanovic. Milo then went up to the table, wore a linen shirt … Sanja Djordjevic, Goca Bozinovska and I were there. We all drank a little, we began to sing … Milo climbed on the table and began to sing and play.


He has the most beautiful woman in Belgrade. She has three beautiful children. He is a very good boy, but it all goes with his heart. It's a problem. He was pathologically "in love" with Arkan. Arkan was his idol. When we went to his coffin near Vuk. The wolf was human. You know, when someone loves animals, this can not be a bad man.

Luke cursed Arkan's grave to take revenge on everyone and give Mummy everything to everyone who killed Arkan.

Luka Bojović
Luka Bojović photo: Profimedia


Arkan naturally installed the title Obilic. There were judges and pistols in their mouths, and threats … They had quality, like Zvezdu's victory. Come on …

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