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Naunics argue: brain injury can make people more religious

Narnians have for years imagined that in the human brain there is such a "color," or a certain area of ​​the brain responsible for religious beliefs. Now, however, they claim that the brain drain is more extreme when it comes to their religious visions.

Source: PsyPost, Telegram

Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / Yakobchuk

Illustration / Photo: Depositphotos / Yakobchuk

People who have suffered traumatic brain injuries in the prefrontal cortex are less open to new ideas. They are more likely to become fundamentalists, according to a study of veterans of the Vietnam War.

Naunics of the University of Northeastern Illinois found that people with brain injuries were less cognitively flexible and less able to change their viewpoints.

The prefrontal cortex is a region of the brain associated with a number of functions, including planning and perception, that were previously associated with religious and mystical experiences. The disappearances in this region show that these people are less able to criticize their religious beliefs than others.

"Human beliefs, in this case religious, are liquid, sets us apart from other types," says co-author Dordan Grafman for the website. PsyPost.

"We must understand that religious beliefs are different from moral, legal, political, and economic."

Despite this research that helps us understand the connection between brain work and religion, there are other factors that influence how many people are religious, such as the characteristics of the tissue itself and the social environment itself.

"While religious and other beliefs may be studied selectively and independently of other cognitive and social processes, their dependence and interaction with other fashionable functions will be explored in the coming decades," adds Dr. Grafman.

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