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The detention was terminated by the Director of the Serbian Sporting Association

PHOTO: M. Rasic

The Belgrade Supreme Court withdrew the supervision of the director of the Serbian Sports Association Siniša Jasnic (53) who had been suspected of dazzling the organization's money and thus dumped more than 13 million dinars and ordered a house.

Court spokeswoman Bojana Stankovic in relation to Tanjug, stated that the judge before the Special Department of the Supreme Court for Corruption, on the decision of the prosecutor to extend his arrest, to cease detained and prohibited leaving the apartment via electronic control.

– The defendant was warned that if he violated the said measure against him, he may be detained. In taking that decision, the court took account of the fact that all the bodies involved in the proceedings were required to deduct the duration of the detention as soon as possible and that the measure in question could allow for the smooth conduct of the criminal proceedings, he added Stankovic.

Within three days from the date of receipt of the written termination of the decision, an appeal may be lodged to the crime investigation chamber.

Jasnic was arrested on October 2 because he was suspected of spoiling University Sports Union's money and injuring more than 13 million dinars. The investigation against Jasnic will continue before the Belgian Supreme Prosecutor's Office.

Following his arrest, the MUP announced he was a suspect Jasnićas a person who has the funds of the Sport Association of Serbia for the period from May 2013 to December 2017, he has used the alliance's contacts for payment on the postal terminals account and cash withdrawals from ATMs on his own initiative.

The suspects are responsible for using their own funds, contrary to the Accounting Act, these amounts did not fully justify the accounts and did not notify the General Assembly of the Serbian University Sports Association.

On the basis of the business payment cards and the extracts from invoices placed on the Serbian sports association's accounts, it was found that the uncovered costs amounted to 13,187,359 dinars, Jasnić the Serbian University Sports Association was injured.


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