Nadal: I can not pretend I do not feel pain at all


Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal is pleased with the positive energy and confidence he has won against Roberto Bautista in the second round of the Masters in Monte Carlo (6: 1, 6: 1).

Rafael Nadal

Getty Images / Clive Brunskill

Nadal beat his opponent 77 minutes into the match.

"I am very happy for a positive start. I felt good in the field. The history of this place is great, all the great champions have played here. It is an honor for me to participate. Although I am sure that this tournament is very special for everyone, it is possible that I may be a little more. I always loved him. Of course, after everything that happened here, I have a wonderful feeling every time I have a chance to come back here. I'm trying to enjoy everythingHe pointed Nadal.

Asked to comment on the condition of his knees, the 32-year-old said:

"I can not pretend I do not feel pain because I never thought about it. For a long time, professional athletes usually feel pain. It is a part of the sport at the top level. So I could move well and have confidence".

Victory at the outset gave the necessary energy and self-confidence.

"This is only the first sword. I am satisfied with the beginning, the result shows, but also the feeling in the field. I can not tell if I found my ideal rhythm. I started well. This is the first sword fight after almost a year. But it is certain that such departures in the beginning help. Tomorrow I have another good test against Grigor Dimitrov, so let's see. And I have to play well tomorrow.

What I need now is to play the matches and spend hours in the field. Of course, the victories help. Each triumph carries a positive energy and self-confidence when it comes to the game and the body. That's what I needed today. As I said, this is a good start and I hope to continue tomorrow at the same pace"He finished the second racket in the world.

Game of the third round between Nadal and Dmitry in the program was on Wednesday at 13h40.


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