My name is Baptist … Rebecca has discovered that this is not her real name, here she was called at age 17! | Telegraph


Rebekai this name is not right, Printskrin: Youtube / Cooperative Official

Journalist and host Milan Milosevic came to Zadar to ask different questions to the participants and to discover some secrets that they tried to hide from their roommates and spectators, so he discovered that a participant was called Spomenka, but at the age of 16 changed the name her.

That is, Milan asked Rebecca Popovic if it is true that her real name is Spomenka, not Rebekah, after which all were left without text.

Rebeka Popovic, Printskrin: Pink TV

"My father was very late, I am his first child. Your sister has no children. Among other things, he said that he had a son, he was convinced that I was a boy. However, my mother did not like this, especially since I was in the hospital for two months. Before going to school, she was hysterical. When I went to school, they changed my documents. At my baptism, my name is Spomenka, and then my mother chose to call Rebecca officially at age 16. My mother wanted to, but my father wanted a national name. Mama read a book by a writer about Rebecca, who was a ballet dancer, "Rebekah explained by her name and added that she never had any complexes because of it.

I'm sorry, Rebecca, I did not know you were like a little Virginian added Miki.

Bora Santana was one of the first laughing laughs and then the other co-workers.


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