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Last month, Motorola has announced and marketed the device with the most advanced camera system in the Motorola One series, with which anyone can take better photos in the night mode and anyone can afford it. Is about Motorola One Vision Smartphone, which sharpens your team day and night, so you can take the best photos regardless of the time of day.

Motorola has a 90-year tradition and has always been one step ahead of innovation and production as confirmed by the new Motorola One Vision camera and phone.

Quad Pixel Technology

That's why the Motorola One Vision comes with Quad Pixel Technology, an expression designed by the Motorola Research and Development Team (R & D), and after a comprehensive study on the new industrial term has been carried out, which will allow consumers to better understand the full set of advantages that this technology brings.

Quad Pixel technology combines 4 pixels to a large 1.6 μm pixel, which is crucial for image sharpness, especially in low light conditions. When this is added to this optical image stabilization, the photos will not be blurred any more – even at night.

48 MPx sensor is the most important in this process and is about 28% higher than in many other leaders (emblematic) phones that can be found today in the market. Because Quad Pixel Technology this greater the 48 MPx sensor is up to four times more sensitive to lightand the result is extremely sharp 12 MPx images with enhanced light intensity and reduced blur level in low light conditions.

Selfi ready for Instagram – Pixel Quad and the front!

You'll look better in all the lights with a 25 MPx front-facing camera, which also supports Quad Pixel Technology. By allowing you to choose the size of the pixels depending on the specific situation, with this camera you will each time take pictures that are worth "suspended"On the Internet.

Innovation is triggered by artificial intelligence

Ma, take the pictures, let's see!

Of course, now that we've taught you about Quad Pixel technology and explained how it works, wait a minute – the Motorola One Vision is in the test, and we'll soon show you a lot of photos to try to prove everything we've described! Follow us on!

Plus, you do not have to spend all your fortune to make your phone a photo, which is a masterpiece! Motorola One Vision is equipped with advanced camera options powered by an eight-core processor. For example:

Night vision: for bright, vivid photos with extraordinary clarity and more accurate color
Automatic smile detection: Never miss the perfect joint photo
Smart Composition: that your image is in real proportions
Portrait mode: Create high-quality photos at any time, even in low-light conditions, ready to share with friends.

Availability and prices

Motorola One Vision is available in Serbia immediately at a price of 39,990 dinars. At this time it is about 340 euros. For more information, please visit site.

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