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Miki took Susan to the insulation, all cameras recorded! (VIDEO)


1/31/2019. 14:40

Although they claim they are just friends, their actions say the opposite.

Mickey and Suzanne

Photo: printscreen

Cooperatives Suzana Perović and Miki Đuričić have been together since the beginning of the "Cooperatives 2" program. Perovic has been sleeping in isolation for the last few days and she has moved her things here.

Djuricic tries to treat his roommate every day with every little thing, be it lunch, coffee or some candy.

"For 42 years I have not met a normal girl. This (Suzana) is crazy," said Mikki Krunićeva.

Another evidence that shows that Djuricic is not indifferent to Suzana is that today Miki was in a position to meet Perovic and save her according to her desire because she is on a special diet. Because of this gesture, the blonde hugged the beekeeper and he kissed her cheek.

Take a look at how it all looked.

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