Mike Din scored the final of the match at Etihad and after the match the company statement was dominated!


In the last round, "Citizens" is visiting Brighton and Liverpool
to meet the Wolverhampton team when we know the final result
These exciting races.

Of course, there are many reactions after tonight's game, many are
procedure by Judge Michael Dine at the end of the match, when he is
received a free kick, left half a minute
marking the lines on the floor, and then, when he did everything
he prepared the players for the performance of the freebie, he decided
mark the end of the game. You can see this in the attachment.

After the game, the company was in the spotlight, it was in the conversation
with the journalists he discovered an interesting detail that preceded his

"There was a bit of nervousness today, everyone yelled at me:" Do not shoot,
do not shoot, I really did hear, and it pissed me off. And then
I said to myself, "Wait a minute, I have not come this far
a career that younger teammates would tell me when playing "
the company explained.


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