Mercedes is preparing a car with which the accident will be impossible


Mercedes-Benz is developing a new safety technology that will prevent the collision of cars.

Technology focused on the new Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF) concept, thanks to its advanced intelligence, constantly improves aroma care.

Mercedes-Benz development director Ola Kalenius, who will become general manager of the Daimler Group starting in May, says that autonomous scents and sophisticated assistance systems will reduce the number of traffic accidents because the most common cause is the same human error.

Caledonus added that part of the new ESF technology is almost ready for production and will soon be found in new cars.

The vehicle will collect scent data and share it with the central server to better control the aroma assist system. The concept is to make technology better for passengers, so if an accident occurs, injuries will be avoided.

The latest Mercedes ESF concept debuted in 2009, then used the new S40 Hybrid as a starting point with a range of safety technologies.

The metal construction was irritated in the event of a collision to allow additional protection, and when the hood was seated, they moved toward the middle of the vehicle to increase the space.


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