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In our digital reading room is available the latest issue of PC Magazine, issue # 264. In the new edition, we bring a lot of content, including the use of information technology in healthcare, an overview of the internal IT market, as well as a number of interesting devices and a history of technologies applied in business.

In the new edition, among other things, you can read:

IT in the health area: Mens sana IT corpore sano – We have prepared for you a great overview of the application of health information technologies

Intel NUC: 4K of a small box – A desktop computer in a package so compact that you just need to admire it while maintaining an extremely high level of functionality

Robotics and fun together – The most interesting and interesting robots robots currently available, which combine learning and razbibrigu

ASUS ZenBook Hybrid – The ultrabuk ZenBook top is made in the spirit and hybrid of the hybrid computer, so depending on the position of the screen, it can also serve as a tablet, or something between

Samsung Galaxy S10: no tenth sign – We were made to show you the trio of the new Galaxy S10 handset from three different angles: what are the phones, what you can expect from them, but also point to follow-up services and consider whether the S10e is lower than the S10 and S10 + or is it really the smartest choice?

PWA Microsoft Office: Free in Store – Did you know that Office applications can be used for free with so many features that most users will not need anything other than this basic information?

How does EON work? – We explore for you how EON works; from now on you no longer need to be a SBB user to use this digital platform!

Domestic IT Market: If you do not invest, you are kayaking – a detailed view of the internal IT market, with an overview of the situation, challenges, opportunities and obstacles!

You can find the most recent number in our digital reader! In addition to reading the full subscription number, traditionally we created specials with the most interesting topics of all numbers, which are readily available for reading, so it will be with PC Press in the coming days when we will notify you of the release of speciaal!


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