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November 06, 2018. 08:40 |

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One of the best teams in the world is a favorite, but it's not pleasant for anyone in our fans – Milojevic said.

VELIKI Liverpool is coming to "Marrakech" after forty years – a sight for memory is being prepared. Red Star tonight (18.55) in the 4th round of the LŠ welcomes the famous "reds", is a real opportunity to show why it is a club of famous traditions and past, the largest in this region. His players are still far from the Liverpool superclass, but this time there are fans to support the 12th player in this tough battle and fight for a trick.

– For the Red Star, the city of Belgrade, Serbia and the whole region, this is an important event. One of the best European and world teams comes to us. I think it will be a real spectacle in the stadium and the atmosphere awaits only our fans can do. Liverpool is a favorite. We're getting ready to do the best we can, since in every game so far, it's the philosophy my players have in mind. I am happy for the club and my players, and I am proud that we will have a real show in Belgrade. I wish we all liked the game – said Vladan Milojevic, the red and white coach.

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ŠPANAC LAHOZ IN THE CENTER Antonio Mateo Lahoz (41) is in the game between Red Star and Liverpool, with assistants Poom Devis and Robert Diaz. Lahozu will be the first to judge a Serbian club, but he is reminded that he shared the justice "golden eagles" against Hungary (2: 1) in the Round of 16 World Cup in New Zealand. On average, he gives less than two yellow cards per game and rarely turns red.

Two weeks ago, it was 4 hours at Enfildu. Milojevic hopes that now there is another story, although he points out that the guest is the favorite.

– I would not talk much about Liverpool, should I specifically mention Jürgen Klop's coach, or the player's team, or the history of the club and its supporters? We are talking about a team that was selected to win the Champions League. Therefore, you should not take a break or an empty stroll against them because they have great individual quality and can punish you in the smallest details. It is very important that we have a concentration of all 90 minutes.

The coach is convinced that everything is possible with the support given to Zvezdina fans.

"You know we were punished, that we did not have the help of our fans in the guests. Everyone knows what it means to play in Marakana, no one feels comfortable here … I do not know how much this will affect the Liverpool players because they play on Sunday in full stadiums, but I think for them the match in Belgrade It is fascinating. We were in Enfildu, but it is far from the atmosphere in Marakana. I'll be happy when guests hear the real winding, "added Milojevic.

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However, Milojevic realistically analyzes the possibilities of red and white in the "hell" of Group C.

– Liverpool, Napoli and PSG play in the three best leagues in the world, it's simply another dimension. We do our best and we do our best, but we have rivals competing for the Champions League. Therefore, we do not think of the result, whatever it is, it will go to my soul. I just want to play the players in the best light, and I'm sure we can do better than the previous two games in Paris and Liverpool.

Only the attacker Richmond Boachy for injury off the machine, everyone is ready.

A Starlin archer in the Champions League Marko Marin hopes that tonight's match will be much better than Enfildu's.
"I know how I feel when I play at home, that's something special and that's why I can not wait for the match. Liverpool players will have the opportunity to experience what it means to play here. We have to do our best in the field, we have to fight for every ball and show more than Liverpool, "said Marin. – To attack a team like Liverpool for 90 minutes is "death", not done by any team in the world, we are not so naive.

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British journalists have asked Milojevic to comment on what his colleague Jürgen Klop has decided to send Djerdan Sakciri to Belgrade.
– It's Klop's decision, I do not know if he did it for tactical or other reasons. I would not have something to add, "Milojevic said.

C. STARS: Borjan – Stojkovic, Degenek, Savic, Rodic – Jovicic, Krsticico, Ebisilio – Marin, Srnic, Ben.
LIVERPUL: Alison – Arnold, Gomez, Van Dique, Robertson – Vaillandum, Lalana, Milner – Juba, Staridge, Salah.


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