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November 18, 2018 18:40> 19:38 |

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The first tennis player will try to defeat the German in the Final Master final for the second time in the tournament

Absolute dominance in the Final Master in London, where he did not lose a set towards the final, Novak Djokovic wants to crown the sixth title. On the other side of the net will be Aleksander Zverev, who has already won the first world championship in the same tournament (6: 4, 6: 1).

The German defeated Roger Federer 7: 5, 7: 6 (7: 5) in an exhausting semi-final and with great optimism goes to the new megdan Novak.

In his semi-final duel, Djokovic "knocked out" Kevin Anderson (6: 2, 6: 2) last night and wants to raise a trophy for the sixth time for the Final Master winner.

You can keep track of all the events of the match via live streaming via text on the "News" site.


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He defeated Germany's first point in Novakov's service, and the Serbian striker struggled to tie in the next round – up to 29 bouts were traded by Zverev and Djokovic. However, after two unbeaten mistakes from the rival, Novak reached the goalkeeper and immediately took advantage of that.

1: 1 And Zverev wins the first gem at his service. He worked very well, served well, and then easily received an online scam exchange.

2: 1 Zverev was unable to win even a point in this match. Djokovic leads again.

2: 2 A great game for the Beasts, a safe start for both. The Serbian managed to take only one point for a German tennis player, but for the play received a great applause from the audience. It was only Novak's goal from Zverev and he fought 198 centimeters from an incredible position.

3: 2 He was a German close range, but with an irrational mistake he gave Novak's equalization (30:30). The first tennis player in the world, with an excellent defense, undermined the intention of the rival to take off his service and conquer the new gem.

3: 3 Zverev recorded his third and fastest serve in this round of the match, 227 kilometers per hour. At the fourth point, he placed a point on the gem and set the score again.


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