Live: Derozan off, Denver looking great in Texas!


Denver Nagets basketball players are visiting San Antonio Sparks (23.30) in the fourth round of the first round of the Western Conference.

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Tanjug / (photo by AF / David Zalubowski)

Tanjug / (photo by AF / David Zalubowski)

Serbian basketball player Nikola Jokic performs very well in the playoffs, but Nagetsi does not play collectively and lose 2-1 in the series.

Therefore, this can be a decisive game for the team of Mother Melouna, because if they are defeated, they will be able to complete their participation in the post-season.

NBA play-off, first round:

Networks – 76ers 108: 112 (1-3)
23.30 Spars – Nagets (2-1)

02:00 Pistons – Baks (0-2)
04,30 Jazz – Rokets (0-2)
19.00 Paysers – Celtic (0-3)
21,30 Klipers – Voriors (1-2)

Denver will have to play a much better defense than the third game if they want to be in a position to beat Sparse in Texas. The technician Nagets decided for the expected change, since instead of the desperate Barton will begin Tori Kreg.

Spurs have a great chance of winning 3-1 and approaching the semifinals of the conference.

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NBA play-off game room:

Spars – Nagets (2-1)

Hall: AT & T Center
judges: Foster, Mot, Fort, Madeira

Spars: Oldridge, Derosan, White, Forbes, Peltl, Gay, Bertans, Miles, Belineli, Walker, Kaningem, Montejunas.

Nagets: Heris, Jokić, Mari, Barton, Milsap, Moris, Bizli, Plamli, Kreg, Ernangomes, Tomas, Venderbilt, Lidon.


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