Lepi Mić revealed what Miki had to do for Suzana! He called MONSTRUMOM, she spat!



06/22/2019 08:18

She did not expect that.

Suzana Perović

Suzana Perovic, Photo: Screenshoot Youtube

Last night, co-workers played the "Game of Truth," and the paralegals asked questions of each other. The first was Suzana Perović, who spoke to Lepa Mica.

"What do you think of me?" Asked Leica Mica Suzana Perovic.

– You are lost in time and space. If you had 100 occasions to say everything about yourself and you did not. You both have this opinion about each other since before. You're crazy here, here's Zorica telling you everything. You two are not normal. You drop the ball and you know what she said to everyone. You said it was bad, now it's good. You do not know what you're talking about, Micah said.

DANGEROUS FOR THE ENVIRONMENT! The singer gave the furious complaints about Đuričić, states that he was VIOLENT and according to the Sisters and Breasts!

"Thank you, Mico, you're a doctor for everything here. I have not changed my mind about this, we are arguing, but here everyone is arguing. You can not tell me what I did not say. We agreed to drop the ball – Suzana said, so Zorica interfered:

I know Suzana is a good person, but you all threw her eggs at Miki. I have all the arguments. I do not agree with her about the things she did here, "Zorica said briefly.

"It's all clear to me. If this Mickey suffered, it's your honor. You never said an opinion about the people you go out with here. You hit a pathetic. Now I understand who you are a monster. You see everything in your favor, "shouted Mica.


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