Sunday , October 24 2021

"Left Shtraus" works with cannabis dryers


Legalization in the United States last December caused an earthquake in the field of industrial hemp cultivation. Experts predict that by 2026, this branch of the economy will cost 11.5 billion euros (13.03 billion dollars), writes Business insider.

Although cannabis cannabis products can be seen on all sides, this plant seems to penetrate the clothing market. Icon in the field of Texan products, the company "Levi Strauss" is on the way to achieve this.

The result of the company's efforts are jeans and jackets made of 69% cotton and 31% cannabis, and the blend is identical to cotton.

This is extremely important because hemp, a plant that, unlike cannabis, contains much less THC, requires significantly less water and fertilizer during breeding than cotton.

On the other hand, unlike cotton, the material obtained from cannabis is difficult to sew. Cotton fibers are obtained from a soft bud at the top of the plant, while the fibers of the hemp are formed by treating its hard trunk.

"They are longer, firmer and more friable fibers. They do not want to turn into something softer, but on a rope," explained Paul Dillinger, head of product innovation at Levi Strauss.

However, the legendary manufacturer discovered a way to depilate cannabis fiber and facilitate blending with cotton. In addition, a little water is used in the process, less than the cotton is needed.

Dilindžer says that this is a project that will continue in the next few years: "Our intention is to bring this to the core production, to make it an integral part of the Levis ™ identity card."

The work of improving the quality of cotton and hemp blend continues, says Dilindžer, until the time when most products will be semi-sex and in some cases up to 100% hemp.

The need for cotton swabs became apparent when compared to the needs of the cotton market and the lack of water required for its cultivation and processing into fabrics.

An analysis of a study conducted in Europe led to the conclusion of "Levis" and then this incredible discovery. Of course, they are keeping details and associates, but proudly point out that the material, which is ready for the market, has been obtained in three years.

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