Friday , October 22 2021

Large amounts of methane have been discovered on Mars


Large amounts of methane were discovered on Mars, which could be a sign of underground life on this planet.

Methane discovered NASA's Curiosity rover during measurements made on June 19. Methane usually produces living beings on Earth, and it is assumed that this could be a sign of life on the Red Planet.

This unexpected discovery led scientists to change the rover's work plan and will now focus on more research in that area. Scientists are hoping to discover microbes that they think have moved beneath the surface in the period when Mars was hotter, humid, and had a better environment for life four billion years ago, reports

Now the rover will look for evidence of life on Mars. Scientists have pointed out that there is evidence that methane has recently been discarded.

On the other hand, the New York Times has pointed out that there is still a possibility that it is an ancient methane that has been captured on Mars for millions of years and is now "leaked" through holes in the surface of the planet.

And 15 years ago, conducted by the European Space Agency, they discovered a methane on Mars, but then thought that was a mistake, because the results were obtained when the equipment was approaching the end of the current.

According to these most recent measurements, the amount of methane is multiplied by three. The results of the new experiment the rover is working on this weekend are expected on Monday, June 24.

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