Kia has a PHOTO "hot pepper"


The Juno-Korean Kia brand presented its vision of the electric crossing of the future in New York.

Photo: Kia

Photo: Kia

The HabaNiro concept (from the habanero, one of the smallest types of pepper, for example, aut) is presented in Manhattan, a compact crossover that already takes the form of a production version of the car.

HabaNiro is powered by two electric motors, each special shaft for all four-wheel drive.

Photo: Kia

Photo: Kia

The Kia claims that the battery provides a range of almost 500 miles between two fills.

Instead of the rear-view mirror, the HabaNiro has cameras and although on 20-inch wheels, it leaves the impression that it is also capable of having fun off the asphalt.

Although it looks like a three-door car, it has a double clutch, while the interior is dominated by a hed-ap screen that spans the front windshield.

The driver on the touch screen can literally control everything in the car, and by choosing an autonomous scent, the steering wheel enters the control panel to free up space.


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