Karadjordje discovered his own time of marriage Cooperatives: I saw as Lazar GU * and David, here and where!



6/22/2019 12:17 PM

All said.

Karadjordje Subotic

Karadjordje Subotic, Photo: Nenad Vujanovic / Alo!

The father of the cooperative Aleksandra Subotic, Karadjordje, decided to address the public and discovered a great secret of the Cooperative.

EVIDENCE CONSIDERED! David SEND THAT to the snapshot on who he's kissing Lazar Jeremic! Here's who's responsible for everything!

In particular, the subject of the relationship between Dragojević and Lazar Jeremić, as well as his sexual orientation, has been relaunched in the White House these days and therefore Subotić has decided to state his opinion on this.

"I'm addressing the nation about Biljana Dragojević's performance. Dear people, support and spectators of rialitia "Cooperativa 2". Mr. David saw with an eye in an explicit position with Lazar. The same bothered him, so I do not need an explanation. Nebojša Bojović is a brother of my friend and gave Alexander the jewels of over 100,000 euros and he can. In addition, Biljana Dragojević gave a brilliant touch. And she certainly did not care, did not burn the babies. I respect Mr. Nebojsa and his family very much, and I consider them true friends. In relation to the support of Lep Mica Aleksandra, he is a person who speaks and defends the truth. And the truth is on the Alexandrian side. And I take this opportunity to thank the production and TV Pink for understanding. Naturally, Alexander enjoys the support of his sympathy, also love and attention. What I want with Ani Korać and David with chicken brains, I hope through this rialiti grow. Aleksandra gave him a great and good rate, so it will be good to spend a month with Anne. If you were Nebojsa, you were like Alexander and received expensive gifts from the same gentleman. It's me, it's degenerative to allude. Greetings to the spectators and my support. Let's get even stronger for Aleksandra Subotic. Unlike Ana Korac, she has a serious man and true love at her side. Peter, you're a legend, "Karadjordje said.

Karadjordje Subotic

Karadjordje Subotic, photo: printscreen


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