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Nebojsa and Daniela VukajlovicPhoto: private archive

We were desperate, a little child, a husband without a job, I decided to go to Yutaka for the help he promised us in the campaign. Then our hell began.

This is what Daniela Vukajlovic, one of the victims of the former mayor of Brus, Milutin Jelicic Jutka, is speaking for the first time in an exclusive confession for "Blic". We mentioned Daniel in one of the articles over a year ago, but then we respect his desire not to mention his name in public. Today, fourteen months later, with the support of his wife Nebojsa, she decided to share with her readers the terrible experience she and her family have gone through. She says she realized she was not protected from hiding. On the contrary. She went up the stairs, than the women who had gone out from the beginning to speak publicly.

Daniela and Nebojsa lived with the child in a community with their parents. She worked as a cook or packer in triangles, he did not have a job, he only worked occasionally when an opportunity appeared to him. During the campaign for local elections, Jelicic visited his village Velika Grabovnica and promised roads, infrastructure, employment.

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– We voted for him. He won and then nothing for months. Life was getting harder. We were feeding products from our garden, it often happened that we did not have diapers, so we bought for one piece – Vukkajlovići speak.

Everything else, they say, was a luxury.

"I decided to look for a job for people who used to be me and asked me for a voice. However, on what kind of door I can hit, the answer was the same: "The morning is intriguing" – says Nebojša.

On one occasion Daniel saw Jielic not far from the council and decided to address him.

"I introduced myself, briefly explained our difficult financial situation, and asked him to help his wife find a job, anywhere, even if she could contain containers. He replied, "All right, my heart, I will do everything in my power" and ask for my phone numbers – says Daniel.

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I said I was happy, since Nebojsa was close to her birthday, so she had a chance to surprise him. However, just a few minutes after she was met with Jutka, the first SMS – "cmoook" arrived.

She thought she had made a mistake.

For the next two days, she did not come to her husband, and in the meantime other messages came: "I love you", "I want you when we wake up?"

Photo: RAS / RAS Serbia

– I said he was wrong and that I was Daniel who was looking for a job for a husband, and he replied, "I do not, heart, I know, I want you." All the time I tried to turn off the subject and avoided responding to these inappropriate messages so as not to insult them, but still I try to find a job for my husband in some way.

After two, three days, she told her husband what had happened and showed her messages. They decided to be wise, but also careful because their work was necessary for them to survive. After a while, Nebojša was invited to go to Jutka for the office. Although everything went through his mind, he left and got the promise to get a job, but joined New Serbia, the party where Jelicic was at that time.

Photo: RAS / RAS Serbia

One evening, Jutka invited me to go to the asphalt road around 11 at night to give me some money to help and go to his company Panikop to have fun. Of course, I refuse this kind of help and entertainment. But after that, whenever he sees me in Brussels, he follows SMS with the same content: "When we wake up a little, I want you, my heart, how you miss me, I appreciate your honesty, cmoook," says Daniel, and says that despite Jelicic she did not give up on her clear messages.

In addition to the invitation to make love and be intimate, Jeličić wrote several times: "The first awakening and work." He also asked that he "get a friend", but that she should also be with them. He insisted that he did not speak to anyone, and that he could stay away from Brus …

Threats and insults in court building

Milutin Jelicic's attacks, even in the courthouse, were insulted and threatened by the victims who came to testify in connection with Marija Lukic's sexual harassment. The threats and insults of Daniela Vukajlovic were denounced to the prosecution.

Photo: private archive
"The young man stood beside me and challenged me with a surprising tone, and he began to make me several offenses and push me"

"I entered the courtroom with my wife… In addition to me, there was also Snezana Bojic with her parents, also called as a witness. A young man was challenged almost immediately by my side and Snezana and his father and mother, and with an astonishing tone, he began to point out various insults and push me. How much money did you take? Mentally ill, we'll show you, you can not do anything to him, "he said." What are you going to do here, kur * o? some of the poisonous words the young man uttered told us, Daniel.

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