Judge Majic in the words of Vucic


Judge of the Court of Appeal, Miodrag Majic, assessed on the new day that what Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said – that judges are yellow and unprocessed criminals – "is not the president's job."

Majic estimates that the president's job is not what he said at a press conference announcing tougher penalties for the most serious crimes.

So many suggestions are made that, if part of it is done, on the threshold we are one of the biggest reforms of criminal law.

According to our Constitution, the president is someone who declares the laws and has a protocol function in that sense, but this also shows what we have witnessed for a long time, which is the confusion of functions where it really seems that nobody knows who is doing this and if certain institutions are in charge of what they are in the job description, "said Majic.

According to him, the silence of the people of the profession to which he belongs is an indicator of fear among people.

"Most of them are experiencing this in the same way, but they are not ready to talk about it because they are afraid of their positions. We announce a new judicial reform, everyone knows what it can mean, they are still very close to remembering what we had 2009 and 2010. People do not want to play in their careers, their destinations, "says Majic.

He reiterates that in Serbia, unfortunately, the third branch of government has never been established – the judiciary – in full measure.

"We would have exclusive executive power at full capacity and that the public, even the judges, would only perceive executive power as power," Majic said.

He adds that the pressures on the judiciary are "almost every day".

"The bottom line is we at least tell people that this is happening and that it should not be like that," Majic said.

Responding to the question of the functioning of the mechanism where prosecutors and judges are dependent on the authorities, Majic recalls that there is a "bunch of scandals" that are unexplained or not fully investigated.

"This is not the only specification of these authorities, unfortunately it is something we see here in continuity. While a certain political power is trying to keep the judiciary under control, while the opposition says it will change things, but when it comes to government and the various variants of business, semi-business, bringing their people down and then realizing that the only one that can spoil their happiness is the judiciary, "Majic believes.

That means, he adds, that until that changes, there is no talk of a country that is acceptable to Europe.

"It seems to me that some things are shifting to the top. I have said so many times in meetings with EU officials that I am afraid it will not happen that in the accession process we have become worse than we were – we have less independence," concludes Majic.


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