Jovana Transica, who killed the boy in Zemun, changed the testimony: "I was killed by the knife, I had to prostrate myself!"



04/18/2019 19:36

Goran Abdulov, 35, also known as Jovanica Transica, a travesty of Železnik, confessed yesterday in the trial that he was guilty of the murder of Marko Radović (24), a student from Bratač near Nevesinje, but he was justified in self-defense.

Goran Abdulov is suspected of a repulsive murder

Goran Abdulov, also known as Jovanica Transica, claims that the young man was mistreated by him. Photo: Private archive

He stated that Marko was the first to attack him and that on July 8 last year, alone on Shevina Street in Zemun, four times a knife 11.5 inches long was a knife.

"I did not want to kill him, I loved him!" That day I came to Marko, with whom I was in love, to give me 700 euros, as I lent him to change sex. I was crazy about love for him and he harassed me – Abdulov defended himself at the Supreme Court of Belgrade.

Dead student Marko Radovic

Student Marko Radovic was killed in an apartment in Zemun, Photo: Facebook

He stated that Marko immediately attacked him.

– I saw through the window that he had some sexy black pants in it. When he let me in, I asked for an explanation why we broke up. He hit me through the holes, I knocked on the door. In a fight, I took a knife from the refrigerator and held it with me to defend myself. However, Marko attracted me and went up to the knife. He rushed out and I was shocked at the city's transportation home – said Abdulov, who said he met Marc at a gay club while yesterday said he found him on the dating site exclusively for sex.

Dragica Abdulov, mother of Goran Abdulov

Dragica Abdulov, mother of Goran Abdulov, Photo: Danica Curuvija / Alo

"I had a pseudonym of tigrica, wore a blue wig and wore a woman. He first came to my house and, after half a year, discovered that I was a man and accepted. I was called by John, Jelena, Slavica, Maria and I went to him dressed as a woman. It was a sexual relationship, but it turned into a love affair. However, he changed, drank, hit me, tied the bed with a rope, and raped until he bleed! He put me into sado-mal sex and a prostitute with some men. One of them massaged my back and my butt for 100 euros, and with another I did oral sex for 50 euros, the defendants said.

He sends kisses to your mother.

The defendant sent a kiss to his mother Dragica in court yesterday. He was visibly dead, in court he appeared dressed as a man, with short brown hair and a completely altered edition. He asked the judge to sit because he could not stand it.

Abdulov said that Marko was aggressive with him, that he did not let him eat and sleep.

– He was a gigolo. I found a phone where I saw that he had sex with a woman while the man was watching – said Abdulov.

He added that he was being treated by psychiatry for eight years and receiving hormone therapy because of a change in sex.

"The psychiatrist surrounds me, and I was allowed out on the street as a transvestite. Before going to Mark, I drank almost three quarts of beer, as well as a handful of medicines, when I got home. In the morning I knew he was dead, wanted to kill me. I put the bag on my head and tied my legs and arms, but my mother stopped me, said the defendant.

Judge Vladan Ivanković and prosecutor Nebojša Stefanović sought a hearing from a lawyer who previously defended Abdulov.

The trial continues on July 6, hearing a lawyer previously defended by ex officio Abdulov, as well as the defendant's mother.


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