Jelena Karleuša was invited to the game by Saša Popović and then slapped him in the face. There was hell in the studio! (VIDEO)



04.04.2019. 12:42

Jelena Karleusa

Jelena Karleusa, photo: Alo! / Vladimir Markovic

Last week, Jelena Karleusa took off the black and continued recording the show "Star of the Granda" where her legs got tired during the pose, and you can look at it ON HERE.

That is, in the announcement of the show, Jelena is visibly in a good mood, so she made a joke with Granda's director, Saša Popović.

That is, Saša was trying to say something persistently, but the pop diva covered her mouth with her hand, not allowing him to speak, and then exclaimed: The Moment of Truth!

Jelena Karleusa, Sasa Popovic

Jelena Karleusa, Sasa Popovic, Photo: Youtube screenshot

As it all seemed, look at the following text:


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