Thursday , October 21 2021

ISPALA DECENIJE! Catalans were broadcasting a SCRIPT CELEBRATING to "go to the finals" and then on the "Enfildu" came the fourth goal!


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Catalan Sport, a day after Liverpool and Barcelona, ​​was the subject of a spin on the Internet, as the material on Facebook material made a big mistake.

In the moments when Enfildu's team, Ernest Valverde, experienced cataclysm, on the other hand, he was celebrating the final in the final, so the marked shot came out at the finish line.

The video of the celebration was pre-preparedPhoto: canvas
The video of the celebration was pre-prepared

A pre-prepared video of the commemoration, with comments that the Madrid ticket was announced, was at 10:30 pm and was soon withdrawn after the success of Divo Origi, which marked Liverpool's bid for the "enter" cup.

They did not lose those who closely followed the events in Sport, so they were quicker to attack the Catalans faster.

The record was removed, however, it was late … We have a "turn out" for a decade!


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